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About » Priscilla » Over mij » Useful links ♀

Hijacking the World

The dark side of Microsoft.

Roberto Di Cosmo and Dominique Nora (French version published by Calmann-Levy 1998, ISBN 2-7021-2923-4)

 If I buy my computer in a large chain store, there is no way I can avoid Windows. 

if you wish to purchase a new computer, and you already have Windows (this is a typical situation for most companies who are renewing their computer equipment), these large manufacturers will not let you purchase new computers without Windows.

Does this mean that a user cannot buy a PC today without Windows?

This is actually impossible; unless you find a small computer store that will put together a computer for you piece by piece. But if that happens, you had better know how to open the hood in case you have any problems. What this means is that if you buy your computer in a large chain store, there is no way you can avoid Windows. You have the same lack of choice as a company if you are looking for a distributor to sign a maintenance contract where your computers will be repaired in less than 48 hours.