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dinsdag 5 aug 2020 - Priscilla F. Harmanus  - Are You Happy?                


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"I Know How To Make You Like Me."

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Who am I?

Well, of course, every person is looking for a lifetime! And meanwhile we can entertain each other with all kinds of multimedia trivialia ...

Am I who I am that you thought I was?

Find out for yourself.

Why did Waldo go to therapy? to find himself


Why did Waldo 
go to therapy?

to find himself

#humor #comic #therapist joke

Remember this motto: “Leave them feeling better for having met you.”


 "if you don't prescribe drugs, how do you treat depression?"

Too many people undervalue what they are, and overvalue what they're not.

Priscilla van vroeger

Priscilla van vroeger

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Remember this motto: “Leave them feeling better for having met you.”

Het is prachtig weer! Ik wil dat je nu gaat buitenspelen!Verslaafd


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