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Can You Be In Love With Multiple People? | Middle Ground 

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Addiction vs. compulsion

Compulsive disorders are sometimes seen as addictions, yet psychologists often separate them, though the boundary can be rather fuzzy even for psychologists. For example in Obsessive Buying Disorder (or 'shopaholic' to most of us) is often considered to not be an addiction, although this is sometimes differentiated as 'Behavioral Addiction' in contrast to 'Drug Addiction'.

A compulsion is perhaps more of a ritual that has few goals other than performance of the behavior (such as counting things), as opposed to an addiction, which has a more specific end in mind (such as pleasurable feelings). Addiction is more about harmful behavior. Both have physiological and psychological elements.

Addicts feel compulsion and those who have compulsive disorders may well seem addicted. Both are about a lack of control. And they can overlap: a study has shown that a significantly larger number of alcoholics had suffered compulsive disorders than would be found in the normal population.

In the end, it is as much about definition as anything. There are clear drug addicts and obsessive-compulsive disorders. It all gets a bit gray, though, when you get to gambling and shopping

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